3 Ways to Prepare for Your Deposition

Depositions are not like having a friendly conversation around a breakfast table! They’re fact-finding missions similar to testifying in court. So it’s essentially important to […]


Freelance Court Reporter Jobs with AppearMe

Are you tired of long working hours? Do you want to start a career as a freelance court reporter and still make as much as […]


Find a Court Reporter with AppearMe in Less Than a Minute!

It’s true that many picture a court reporter sitting quietly in the courtroom and typing on a stenotype machine. In spite of their silent role, […]


Be My Appearance Counsel!

If you try AppearMe for finding an appearance counsel, you will immediately see the difference. No more middle-man markup. You communicate directly, and thousands of […]


Attorneys on Demand – the Best Solution for Last Minute Emergencies

When a lawyer’s caseload is too heavy, or he/she has an emergency, the first thing that comes to a lawyer’s mind are the attorneys on […]


AppearMe: the Legal Solution Which Makes Lawyers’ Life Easier

Lawyers often complain that they have too much to do in a short time. In fact, lawyers’ life is not easy. They have to interrogate […]


Attorney to Attorney Case Referrals in California

Attorney to attorney case referral is a popular practice in California. A lot of lawyers refer cases to other attorneys earning referral fees. Your search […]


Court Appearance Lawyers Get Jobs With One Tap

Finding a court appearance job has become as easy as answering a phone call. You just need to tap your mobile to accept the job […]


Tasks to Complete After Your First Deposition

Finally, you are over with your first deposition. It was a lot of stress, but you made it. You interrogated the witnesses, you collected the […]


Become a Lawyer Willing to Make a Special Appearance

You may be one of those lawyers for whom special appearance is not on top of career aspirations. Legal professionals normally have a biased opinion […]

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