Appearance Attorneys Victorville Make More Money in Less Time

One million dollars in 10 years is so different from one million dollars in 1 year. Yeah, right I should strip on a webcam for […]


The Top Qualities of a Successful Certified Court Reporter

Now that you are certified as a court reporter, you are ready to enter the market with all your skills and knowledge. But a certificate […]


Find a Job as a Court Reporter in New York – It’s Easy!

Court reporters play a critical role in the justice system. They attend depositions, hearings, proceedings and other legal events where a written transcript is required. […]


AppearMe – Easy and Fast Solution to Court Reporting

When you are a busy lawyer, finding a court reporter should not consume much of your time. It must be frustrating to leave all the […]


Pros and Cons of a Career in Court Reporting

With thousands of options, you have decided to start a career in court reporting because someone told you, court reporters sit all day long in […]


It Has Never Been Easier to Find a Court Reporter in Nevada

Being a court reporter in Nevada is a rewarding job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage of a court […]


Why Would a Lawyer Refer a Case to Another Law Firm?

It’s not a secret that lawyers get into trouble with caseload sometimes. One of the solutions is to refer a case to another law firm […]


Court Reporter: A Step by Step Career Guide

Your career as a court reporter may be more promising than you could imagine if you follow one simple advice – trust the technology! I […]


New Jersey Per Diem Attorneys – Fastest and Most Reliable Way to Find One

AppearMe has been revolutionizing the legal industry for some years. The company was founded when two attorneys realized that lawyers need fast and comprehensive service […]


Court Reporter Jobs in California, Texas, Nevada, New York, and New Jersey

Finally, you earned your degree or certificate in court reporting. If you accomplished this major step in your career, welcome to the world of real-time […]

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