AppearMe Expands to New Jersey! Find a Court Reporter in New Jersey and Refer a Case

We have great news for all users and non-users of AppearMe. The company is expanding to cover New Jersey in its service area. But not […]


Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys Earn More with AppearMe

Los Angeles family law attorneys have endless jobs with AppearMe. Those who join the application do not worry about finding clients. Los Angeles family law […]


Find a Court Reporter Job with AppearMe

Your aspirations to find a court reporter job that will give you a stable income have finally come true. If you are on our page, […]


We Have Tons of Work for Deposition Attorneys in New Jersey!

If you are a deposition attorney and you are in search of clients, you are on the right page. I am going to tell you […]


We Have Court Reporter Openings for You

You’re nice and cozy in your warm bed and the alarm goes off! Ugh, not again! You have to get out of bed and head […]


5 Secrets About Legal Outsourcing

Legal outsourcing has become a modern way of legal business. Few law firms can restrain from contracting lawyers if they want to stay afloat. Here […]


Do it the Smart Way! Hire an Appearance Attorney On Call!

A lot goes into a lawyers’ day-to-day activities, from providing legal advice to clients to covering court appearances! Thus, it’s quite natural that sometimes lawyers […]


The Best Mobile App For Hiring Contract Attorneys To Make Appearances Or Depositions

In this age of technology, you can find mobile apps for virtually any task that comes to your mind. If you are looking for a […]


5 Tips to Make Legal Freelancing a Source of Steady Income for Attorneys on Demand

Thinking about legal freelancing? A lot of attorneys on demand have taken this path for a good reason. They do work on their own terms […]


Find a Per Diem Attorney in New York Within 60 Seconds

Thanks to AppearMe, you will never be alone in your legal needs. You can find a per diem attorney in New York in less than […]

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